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QuickDSC: Clustering by Quick Density Subgraph Estimation Journal article
Information Sciences, 2021,Volume: 581,Page: 403-427
Authors:  Zheng, Xichen;  Ren, Chengsen;  Yang, Yiyang;  Gong, Zhiguo;  Chen, Xiang;  Hao, Zhifeng
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Clustering  Density Estimation  k-NN Graph  K-way partition  
Attributed Collaboration Network Embedding for Academic Relationship Mining Journal article
ACM Transactions on the Web, 2021,Volume: 15,Issue: 1
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Academic Information Retrieval  Graph Learning  Network Embedding  Scientific Collaboration  
A Multi-graph Convolutional Network Framework for Tourist Flow Prediction Journal article
ACM Transactions on Internet Technology, 2021,Volume: 21,Issue: 4
Authors:  Wang, Wei;  Chen, Junyang;  Zhang, Yushu;  Gong, Zhiguo;  Kumar, Neeraj;  Wei, Wei
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cyber physical systems  deep learning  smart tourism  Social internet of things  tourist flow prediction  
KGEL: A novel end-to-end embedding learning framework for knowledge graph completion Journal article
Expert Systems with Applications, 2021,Volume: 167
Authors:  Adnan Zeb;  Anwar Ul Haq;  Defu Zhang;  Junde Chen;  Zhiguo Gong
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Knowledge Graph  Link Prediction  Tensor Factorization  Tensor Train Decomposition  Weighted Graph Convolutional Network  
Zero-shot Node Classification with Decomposed Graph Prototype Network Conference paper
Proceedings of the ACM SIGKDD International Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining
Authors:  Wang, Zheng;  Wang, Jialong;  Guo, Yuchen;  Gong, Zhiguo
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graph convolutional networks  graph data analysis  node classification  
Recurrent Coupled Topic Modeling over Sequential Documents Journal article
ACM Transactions on Knowledge Discovery from Data, 2021,Volume: 16,Issue: 1
Authors:  Guo, Jinjin;  Cao, Longbing;  Gong, Zhiguo
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bayesian network  data augmentation  dropout  gibbs sampling  multiple dependency  topic coupling  topic evolution  Topic modeling  
Identifying and Evaluating Anomalous Structural Change-based Nodes in Generalized Dynamic Social Networks Journal article
ACM Transactions on the Web, 2021,Volume: 15,Issue: 4
Authors:  Wang, Huan;  Qiao, Chunming;  Guo, Xuan;  Fang, Lei;  Sha, Ying;  Gong, Zhiguo
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Anomalous structural change-based node  generalized dynamic social network  structural similarity  
An Attention-Based Deep Learning Framework for Trip Destination Prediction of Sharing Bike Journal article
IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems, 2021,Volume: 22,Issue: 7,Page: 4601-4610
Authors:  Wang, Wei;  Zhao, Xiaofeng;  Gong, Zhiguo;  Chen, Zhikui;  Zhang, Ning;  Wei, Wei
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attention model  convolution neural networks  Sharing bike system  trip destination prediction  
TAM: Targeted Analysis Model with Reinforcement Learning on Short Texts Journal article
IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems, 2021,Volume: 32,Issue: 6,Page: 2772-2781
Authors:  Chen, Junyang;  Gong, Zhiguo;  Wang, Wei;  Liu, Weiwen;  Yang, Ming;  Wang, Cong
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Reinforcement learning (RL)  targeted analysis model (TAM)  text mining  topic modeling  
Vehicle Trajectory Clustering Based on Dynamic Representation Learning of Internet of Vehicles Journal article
IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems, 2021,Volume: 22,Issue: 6,Page: 3567-3576
Authors:  Wang, Wei;  Xia, Feng;  Nie, Hansong;  Chen, Zhikui;  Gong, Zhiguo;  Kong, Xiangjie;  Wei, Wei
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Internet of Vehicles  network representation learning  vehicle trajectory clustering