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Structural Engineering for High Sensitivity, Ultrathin Pressure Sensors Based on Wrinkled Graphene and Anodic Aluminum Oxide Membrane Journal article
ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES, 2017,Volume: 9,Issue: 28,Page: 24111-24117
Authors:  Wenjun Chen;  Xuchun Gui;  Binghao Liang;  Rongliang Yang;  Yongjia Zheng;  Chengchun Zhao;  Xinming Li;  Hai Zhu;  Zikang Tang
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Graphene  Pressure Sensor  Wrinkled Structures  Anodic Aluminum Oxide  Flexible Electronics  
Flexible, sandwich-like CNTs/NiCo2O4 hybrid paper electrodes for all-solid state supercapacitors Journal article
JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY A, 2017,Volume: 5,Issue: 12,Page: 5886-5894
Authors:  Yongjia Zheng;  Zhiqiang Lin;  Wenjun Chen;  Binghao Liang;  Huiwei Du;  Rongliang Yang;  Xianfeng He;  Zikang Tang;  Xuchun Gui
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Synergistic Effects of Wrinkled Graphene and Plasmonics in Stretchable Hybrid Platform for Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy Journal article
Authors:  Wenjun Chen;  Xuchun Gui;  Yongjia Zheng;  Binghao Liang;  Zhiqiang Lin;  Chengchun Zhao;  Huanjun Chen;  Zefeng Chen;  Xinming Li;  Zikang Tang
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Three-dimensional α-Fe2O3/carbon nanotube sponges as flexible supercapacitor electrodes Journal article
Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 2015,Volume: 3,Issue: 42,Page: 20927-20934
Authors:  Xiaoping Cheng;  Xuchun Gui;  Zhiqiang Lin;  Yongjia Zheng;  Ming Liu;  Runze Zhan;  Yuan Zhu;  Zikang Tang
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