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Residual solvent extraction via chemical displacement for efficient and stable perovskite solar cells Journal article
Journal of Energy Chemistry, 2021,Volume: 61,Page: 8-14
Authors:  Min Fang;  Lei Tao;  Wen Wu;  Qi Wei;  Yingdong Xia,;  Ping Li;  Xueqin Ran;  Qi Zhong;  Guichuan Xing;  Lin Song;  Peter Müller-Buschbaum;  Hui Zhang;  Yonghua Chen
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Chemical Displacement  Methylammonium Acetate  Perovskite  Post-treatment  Solar Cells  Solvent Residue  
Stabilizing black-phase formamidinium perovskite formation at room temperature and high humidity Journal article
Science, 2021,Volume: 371,Issue: 6536,Page: 1359-1364
Authors:  Wei Hui;  Lingfeng Chao;  Hui Lu;  Fei Xia;  Qi Wei;  Zhenhuang Su;  Tingting Niu;  Lei Tao;  Bin Du;  Deli Li;  Yue Wang;  He Dong;  Shouwei Zuo;  Bixin Li;  Wei Shi;  Xueqin Ran;  Ping Li;  Hui Zhang;  Zhongbin Wu;  Chenxin Ran;  Lin Song;  Guichuan Xing;  Xingyu Gao;  Jing Zhang;  Yingdong Xia;  Yonghua Chen;  Wei Huang
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Two-dimensional Ruddlesden–Popper layered perovskite solar cells based on phase-pure thin films Journal article
Nature Energy, 2021,Volume: 6,Issue: 1,Page: 38-45
Authors:  Chao Liang;  Hao Gu;  Yingdong Xia;  Zhuo Wang;  Xiaotao Liu;  Junmin Xia;  Shouwei Zuo;  Yue Hu;  Xingyu Gao;  Wei Hui;  Lingfeng Chao;  Tingting Niu;  Min Fang;  Hui Lu;  Han Dong;  Hui Yu;  Shi Chen;  Xueqin Ran;  Lin Song;  Bixin Li;  Jing Zhang;  Yong Peng;  Guosheng Shao;  Jianpu Wang;  Yonghua Chen;  Guichuan Xing;  Wei Huang
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Efficient and Stable Perovskite Solar Cells by Fluorinated Ionic Liquid–Induced Component Interaction Journal article
Solar RRL, 2021,Volume: 5,Issue: 1,Page: 2000582
Authors:  Yue Wang;  Lingfeng Chao;  Tingting Niu;  Qi Wei;  Wei,Qi;  Hui Wu;  Jian Qiu;  Hui Lu;  Chenxin Ran;  Qi Zhong;  Lin Song;  Guichuan Xing;  Yingdong Xia;  Yonghua Chen;  Peter Müller-Buschbaum;  Wei Huang
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Origin of high efficiency and long-term stability in ionic liquid perovskite photovoltaic Journal article
Research, 2020,Volume: 2020
Authors:  Chao,Lingfeng;  Niu,Tingting;  Gu,Hao;  Yang,Yingguo;  Wei,Qi;  Xia,Yingdong;  Hui,Wei;  Zuo,Shouwei;  Zhu,Zhaohua;  Pei,Chengjie;  Li,Xiaodong;  Zhang,Jing;  Fang,Junfeng;  Xing,Guichuan;  Li,Hai;  Huang,Xiao;  Gao,Xingyu;  Ran,Chenxin;  Song,Lin;  Fu,Li;  Chen,Yonghua;  Huang,Wei
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In Situ Interface Engineering for Highly Efficient Electron-Transport-Layer-Free Perovskite Solar Cells Journal article
Nano Letters, 2020,Volume: 20,Issue: 8,Page: 5799-5806
Authors:  Li, Deli;  Chao, Lingfeng;  Chen, Changshun;  Ran, Xueqin;  Wang, Yue;  Niu, Tingting;  Lv, Shaoshen;  Wu, Hui;  Xia, Yingdong;  Ran, Chenxin;  Song, Lin;  Chen, Shi;  Chen, Yonghua;  Huang, Wei
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band bending  device physics  interface engineering  ionic liquid  perovskite solar cells  
Crystal face dependent charge carrier extraction in TiO2/perovskite heterojunctions Journal article
Nano Energy, 2020,Volume: 67
Authors:  Du,Bin;  Wei,Qi;  Cai,Yongqing;  Liu,Tanghao;  Wu,Bo;  Li,Ying;  Chen,Yonghua;  Xia,Yingdong;  Xing,Guichuan;  Huang,Wei
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Electron Transfer  Heterojunctions  Hot Electron  Perovskites Solar Cells  Tio2  
Nanoscale hybrid multidimensional perovskites with alternating cations for high performance photovoltaic Journal article
Nano Energy, 2019,Volume: 65
Authors:  Gu,Hao;  Liang,Chao;  Xia,Yingdong;  Wei,Qi;  Liu,Tanghao;  Yang,Yingguo;  Hui,Wei;  Chen,Haoran;  Niu,Tingting;  Chao,Lingfeng;  Wu,Zhiheng;  Xie,Xiaoji;  Qiu,Jian;  Shao,Guosheng;  Gao,Xingyu;  Xing,Guichuan;  Chen,Yonghua;  Huang,Wei
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Aci Perovskite  Multiphase Stacked  Orientation Growth  Ultrafast Carrier Transfer  
Stable, Efficient Near-Infrared Light-Emitting Diodes Enabled by α/δ Phase Modulation Journal article
Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, 2019,Volume: 10,Issue: 9,Page: 2101-2107
Authors:  Qiu,Jingjing;  Tang,Lianqi;  Xia,Yingdong;  Guo,Jia;  Xing,Guichuan;  Wang,Fu;  Dong,Qingfeng;  Chen,Yonghua;  Huang,Wei
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Room-Temperature Molten Salt for Facile Fabrication of Efficient and Stable Perovskite Solar Cells in Ambient Air Journal article
CHEM, 2019,Volume: 5,Issue: 4,Page: 995-1006
Authors:  Lingfeng Chao;  Yingdong Xia;  Bixin Li;  Guichuan Xing;  Yonghua Chen;  Wei Huang
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