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Electrochemical energy storage devices working in extreme conditions Journal article
Energy and Environmental Science, 2021,Volume: 14,Issue: 6,Page: 3323-3351
Authors:  Chen, Mingzhe;  Zhang, Yanyan;  Xing, Guichuan;  Chou, Shu Lei;  Tang, Yuxin
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Recent Development on Surface-interface Chemistry of All-solid-state Lithium Batteries 全固态锂金属电池表界面化学的研究进展 Journal article
Gaodeng Xuexiao Huaxue Xuebao/Chemical Journal of Chinese Universities, 2021,Volume: 42,Issue: 4,Page: 1005-1016
Authors:  Zou, Junyan;  Zhang, Yanyan;  Chen, Shi;  Shao, Huaiyu;  Tang, Yuxin
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All-solid-state electrolyte  All-solid-state lithium battery  Electrode material  Surface and interface modification  
Direct coherent multi-ink printing of fabric supercapacitors Journal article
Science Advances, 2021,Volume: 7,Issue: 3
Authors:  Zhao,Jingxin;  Lu,Hongyu;  Zhang,Yan;  Yu,Shixiong;  Malyi,Oleksandr I.;  Zhao,Xiaoxin;  Wang,Litong;  Wang,Huibo;  Peng,Jianhong;  Li,Xifei;  Zhang,Yanyan;  Chen,Shi;  Pan,Hui;  Xing,Guichuan;  Lu,Conghua;  Tang,Yuxin;  Chen,Xiaodong
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Commercialization-Driven Electrodes Design for Lithium Batteries: Basic Guidance, Opportunities, and Perspectives Journal article
Small, 2021
Authors:  Cao, Chunyan;  Liang, Fanghua;  Zhang, Wei;  Liu, Hongchao;  Liu, Hui;  Zhang, Haifeng;  Mao, Jiajun;  Zhang, Yanyan;  Feng, Yu;  Yao, Xi;  Ge, Mingzheng;  Tang, Yuxin
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high energy density  high mass loading  lithium batteries  rational structure design  sluggish charge diffusion  
Designing Advanced Vanadium-Based Materials to Achieve Electrochemically Active Multielectron Reactions in Sodium/Potassium-Ion Batteries Journal article
Advanced Energy Materials, 2020,Volume: 10,Issue: 42
Authors:  Chen,Mingzhe;  Liu,Qiannan;  Hu,Zhe;  Zhang,Yanyan;  Xing,Guichuan;  Tang,Yuxin;  Chou,Shu Lei
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Multielectron Reactions  Sodium/potassium Ion Batteries  Structure-property Relationship  Vanadium-based Materials  
Printable Ink Design towards Customizable Miniaturized Energy Storage Devices Journal article
ACS Materials Letters, 2020,Volume: 2,Issue: 9,Page: 1041-1056
Authors:  Zhao,Jingxin;  Lu,Hongyu;  Zhao,Xiaoxin;  Malyi,Oleksandr I.;  Peng,Jianhong;  Lu,Conghua;  Li,Xifei;  Zhang,Yanyan;  Zeng,Zhiyuan;  Xing,Guichuan;  Tang,Yuxin
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Emerging polyanionic and organic compounds for high energy density, non-aqueous potassium-ion batteries Journal article
Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 2020,Volume: 8,Issue: 32,Page: 16061-16080
Authors:  Chen,Mingzhe;  Liu,Qiannan;  Zhang,Yanyan;  Xing,Guichuan;  Chou,Shu Lei;  Tang,Yuxin
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Mechanically Reinforced Localized Structure Design to Stabilize Solid–Electrolyte Interface of the Composited Electrode of Si Nanoparticles and TiO2 Nanotubes Journal article
Small, 2020,Volume: 16,Issue: 30
Authors:  Ge, Mingzheng;  Tang, Yuxin;  Malyi, Oleksandr I.;  Zhang, Yanyan;  Zhu, Zhiqiang;  Lv, Zhisheng;  Ge, Xiang;  Xia, Huarong;  Huang, Jianying;  Lai, Yuekun;  Chen, Xiaodong
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lithium-ion batteries  mechanical strains  minimizing thickness changes  silicon anodes  solid–electrolyte interfaces  
Building High Power Density of Sodium-Ion Batteries: Importance of Multidimensional Diffusion Pathways in Cathode Materials Journal article
Frontiers in Chemistry, 2020,Volume: 8
Authors:  Chen,Mingzhe;  Zhang,Yanyan;  Xing,Guichuan;  Tang,Yuxin
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Cathode Materials  High Power Density  Materials Design  Multidimensional Diffusion Pathways  Sodium-ion Batteries Devices  
Reducing Oxygen Evolution Reaction Overpotential in Cobalt-Based Electrocatalysts via Optimizing the “Microparticles-in-Spider Web” Electrode Configurations Journal article
Small, 2020,Volume: 16,Issue: 8
Authors:  Qi Guo;  Jiajun Mao;  Jianying Huang;  Zixi Wang;  Yanyan Zhang;  Jun Hu;  Jianing Dong;  Sanjayan Sathasivam;  Yan Zhao;  Guichuan Xing;  Hui Pan;  Yuekun Lai;  Yuxin Tang
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Cobalt-based Electrodes  Electrode Configurations  Low Overpotential  Oxygen Evolution Reaction  Structure Design