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UAV-Assisted Intelligent Reflecting Surface Symbiotic Radio System Journal article
IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications, 2021,Volume: 20,Issue: 9,Page: 5769-5785
Authors:  Hua, Meng;  Yang, Luxi;  Wu, Qingqing;  Pan, Cunhua;  Li, Chunguo;  Swindlehurst, A. Lee
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Intelligent Reflecting Surface (Irs)  Phase Shift Optimization  Uav Trajectory Optimization  Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (Uav)  
Intelligent Reflecting Surface-Aided Joint Processing Coordinated Multipoint Transmission Journal article
IEEE Transactions on Communications, 2021,Volume: 69,Issue: 3,Page: 1650-1665
Authors:  Hua, Meng;  Wu, Qingqing;  Ng, Derrick Wing Kwan;  Zhao, Jun;  Yang, Luxi
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Coordinated Multipoint Transmission  Dual Subgradient  Intelligent Reflecting Surface  Majorization-minimization  Phase Shift Optimization  
3D UAV Trajectory and Communication Design for Simultaneous Uplink and Downlink Transmission Journal article
IEEE Transactions on Communications, 2020,Volume: 68,Issue: 9,Page: 5908-5923
Authors:  Hua, Meng;  Yang, Luxi;  Wu, Qingqing;  Swindlehurst, A. Lee
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3d Trajectory Optimization  Communication Design  Iot  Monotonic Optimization  Uav