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Studying where the jobs are: Mainland Chinese students in Hong Kong Journal article
Asian Education and Development Studies, 2017,Volume: 6,Issue: 3,Page: 290-302
Authors:  Yuen,Timothy Wai Wa;  Cheung,Alan Chi Keung;  Wong,Ping Man
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Chinese students  Employment  Hong Kong  Teachers  
The adoption features of government initiatives for the Curriculum Reform in Hong Kong schools Journal article
Educational Management Administration & Leadership, 2015,Volume: 43,Issue: 5,Page: 828-849
Authors:  Wong,Ping Man;  Cheung,Alan
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Administration  curriculum reform  Hong Kong  leadership  schools  
Values, priorities and responses: Comparing English headteachers' and Hong Kong principals' perceptions of their work Journal article
School Leadership and Management, 2013,Volume: 33,Issue: 1,Page: 43-60
Authors:  Bottery,Mike;  Ngai,George;  Wong,Ping Man;  Wong,Ping Ho
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educational reforms  English headteachers  Hong Kong principals  perceptions  portraits  values  
A study of the impact of the first phase of the curriculum reform on student learning in Hong Kong Journal article
International Journal of Educational Management, 2012,Volume: 26,Issue: 7,Page: 710-728
Authors:  Yuen,Timothy W.W.;  Cheung,Alan C.K.;  Wong,Ping Man
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Curriculum reform  Education reform  Educational policy  Government policy  Hong Kong  Impact of education reform  Primary schools  Secondary schools  Student learning