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Microwave resonant absorption of viruses through dipolar coupling with confined acoustic vibrations Journal article
APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS, 2009,Volume: 94,Issue: 4
Authors:  Liu, TM;  Chen, HP;  Wang, LT;  Wang, JR;  Luo, TN;  Chen, YJ;  Liu, SI;  Sun, CK
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Aggregation  Biological Effects Of Microwaves  Cellular Effects Of Radiation  Microorganisms  Molecular Biophysics  Nanobiotechnology  Nanoparticles  
A glial DEG/ENaC channel functions with neuronal channel DEG-1 to mediate specific sensory functions in C. elegans Journal article
EMBO Journal, 2008,Volume: 27,Issue: 18,Page: 2388-2399
Authors:  Wang Y.;  Apicella Jr. A.;  Lee S.-K.;  Ezcurra M.;  Slone R.D.;  Goldmit M.;  Schafer W.R.;  Shaham S.;  Driscoll M.;  Bianchi L.
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C. elegans  DEG/ENaC channels  Glia  Sensory perception  
Microscale transport processes in the evaporator of a constrained vapor bubble Journal article
Journal of Thermophysics and Heat Transfer, 2003,Volume: 17,Issue: 2,Page: 166-173
Authors:  Zheng L.;  Wang Y.-X.;  Wayner Jr. P.C.;  Plawsky J.L.
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Effect of curvature, contact angle, and interfacial subcooling on contact line spreading in a microdrop in dropwise condensation Journal article
Langmuir, 2002,Volume: 18,Issue: 13,Page: 5170-5177
Authors:  Zheng L.;  Wang Y.-X.;  Plawsky J.L.;  Wayner Jr. P.C.
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Condensate removal mechanisms in a constrained vapor bubble heat exchanger Conference paper
Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences
Authors:  Zheng L.;  Wang Y.;  Wayner Jr. P.C.;  Plawsky J.L.
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Capillary force  Dropwise condensation  Interferometry