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Algal bloom prediction by support vector machine and relevance vector machine with genetic algorithm optimization in freshwater reservoirs Journal article
Engineering Computations, 2017,Volume: 34,Issue: 2,Page: 664-679
Authors:  Wang, Yanjie;  Xie, Zhengchao;  Lou, InChio;  Ung, Wai Kin;  Mok, Kai Meng
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Algal Bloom  Ga-rvm  Ga-svm  Phytoplankton Abundance  Prediction And Forecast Models  
Freshwater algal bloom prediction by extreme learning machine in Macau Storage Reservoirs Journal article
Neural Computing and Applications, 2016,Volume: 27,Issue: 1,Page: 19-26
Authors:  Lou, Inchio;  Xie, Zhengchao;  Ung, Wai Kin;  Mok, Kai Meng
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Algal Bloom  Phytoplankton Abundance  Extreme Leaning Machine  Prediction And Forecast Models  
Integrating Support Vector Regression with Particle Swarm Optimization for numerical modeling for algal blooms of freshwater Journal article
Applied Mathematical Modelling, 2015,Volume: 39,Issue: 19,Page: 5907-5916
Authors:  Lou,Inchio;  Xie,Zhengchao;  Ung,Wai Kin;  Mok,Kai Meng
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Algal bloom  Particle swarm optimization  Phytoplankton abundance  Prediction and forecast models  Support vector regression  
Spatio-temporal variations of phytoplankton structure and water quality in the eutrophic freshwater reservoir of Macau Journal article
Desalination and Water Treatment, 2015,Volume: 55,Issue: 8,Page: 2237-2252
Authors:  Zhang,Weiying;  Lou,Inchio;  Ung,Wai Kin;  Kong,Yijun;  Mok,Kai Meng
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Freshwater reservoirs  Multivariate statistical techniques  Phytoplankton structure  Spatio-temporal variations  Water quality  
Analysis of cylindrospermopsin- and microcystin-producing genotypes and cyanotoxin concentrations in the Macau storage reservoir Journal article
Hydrobiologia, 2014,Volume: 741,Issue: 1,Page: 51-68
Authors:  Zhang,Weiying;  Lou,Inchio;  Ung,Wai Kin;  Kong,Yijun;  Mok,Kai Meng
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Cylindrospermopsin  mcy  Microcystin  PCR and qPCR  pks  Toxic cyanobacteria  
Eutrophication analyses and principle component regression for two subtropical storage reservoirs in Macau Journal article
Desalination and Water Treatment, 2013,Volume: 51,Issue: 37-39,Page: 7331-7340
Authors:  Zhang,Weiying;  Lou,In Chio;  Kong,Yijun;  Ung,Wai Kin;  Mok,Kai Meng
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Eutrophication analysis  Phytoplankton abundance  Principle component regression  Reservoirs  
Freshwater algal bloom prediction by support vector machine in Macau storage reservoirs Journal article
Mathematical Problems in Engineering, 2012,Volume: 2012
Authors:  Xie,Zhengchao;  Lou,Inchio;  Ung,Wai Kin;  Mok,Kai Meng
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Eutrophication of Main Storage Reservoir in Macau Conference paper
Proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Environmental Science and Technology, Rhodes, Greece, 8 – 10 September 2011
Authors:  Zhang, Wei Ying;  Lou, In Chio;  Ung, Wai Kin;  Kong, Yi Jun;  Mok, Kai Meng
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Main Storage Reservoir  Phytoplankton Abundance  Principle Component Analysis  Multiple Linear Regression  Algal Bloom