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A Longitudinal Multilevel Model of Tourist Outbound Travel Behavior and the Dual-Cycle Model Journal article
Journal of Travel Research, 2016,Volume: 55,Issue: 7,Page: 957-970
Authors:  Wong,Ip Kin Anthony;  Fong,Lawrence Hoc Nang;  Law,Rob
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Demographic Variables  Economic Performance  Multilevel Analysis  Outbound Travel  Tourist Behavior  
Reasons For Visiting Destinations Motives Are Not Motives For Visiting — Caveats and Questions For Destination Marketers Conference paper
Proceeding for the 2012 Travel and Tourism Research Association Conference, Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA, June 17-19 2012
Authors:  Leonardo A.N. (Don) Dioko;  So Siu-Ian, Amy;  Rich Harrill
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Implicit  Explicit Motives  Tourist Motives  Motivation  Tourist Behavior