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Micro-local structure and two kinds of wavelet characterizations about the generalized Hardy spaces Journal article
Taiwanese Journal of Mathematics, 2013,Volume: 17,Issue: 3,Page: 1039-1054
Authors:  Qian T.;  Yang Q.-X.
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Characterization  Generalized Hardy Spaces  Micro-local Structure  Wavelet  
A note on pointwise convergence for expansions in surface harmonics of higher dimensional euclidean spaces Journal article
Taiwanese Journal of Mathematics, 2009,Volume: 13,Issue: 3,Page: 1053-1062
Authors:  Fei M.-G.;  Qian T.
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Carleson's Theorem  Fourier-laplace Series  Legendre Polynomials  Spherical Harmonics  
A wavelet method for the first kind integral equations with kernel k(x - y) Journal article
Taiwanese Journal of Mathematics, 1998,Volume: 2,Issue: 4,Page: 427-434
Authors:  Jin X.-Q.;  Yuan J.-Y.
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Integral Equation  Kernel  Pcg Method  Sobolev Space  Toeplitz Matrix  Wavelet Transform