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High-Efficiency Cryo-Thermocells Assembled with Anisotropic Holey Graphene Aerogel Electrodes and a Eutectic Redox Electrolyte Journal article
Advanced Materials, 2019,Volume: 31,Issue: 25
Authors:  Li, Guangyong;  Dong, Dapeng;  Hong, Guo;  Yan, Lifeng;  Zhang, Xuetong;  Song, Wenhui
Favorite |  | TC[WOS]:26 TC[Scopus]:25 | Submit date:2021/09/17
anisotropic graphene aerogels  cryo-thermocells  eutectic electrolytes  holey graphene  
Multiresponsive Graphene-Aerogel-Directed Phase-Change Smart Fibers Journal article
ADVANCED MATERIALS, 2018,Volume: 30,Issue: 30
Authors:  Li, Guangyong;  Hong, Guo;  Dong, Dapeng;  Song, Wenhui;  Zhang, Xuetong
Favorite |  | TC[WOS]:181 TC[Scopus]:156 | Submit date:2018/10/30
Electrical/thermal/optical Stimuli  Graphene Aerogels  Phase-change Materials  Smart Fibers