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A Post-WTO International Legal Order: Utopian, Dystopian and Other Scenarios Book
Cham, Switzerland:Springer Nature Switzerland AG, 2020
Authors:  Meredith Kolsky Lewis;  Junji Nakagawa;  Rostam J. Neuwirth;  Colin B. Picker;  Peter-Tobias Stoll
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The End of "Development Assistance" and the BRICS Book chapter
出自: International Development Assistance and the BRICS, Singapore:Palgrave Macmillan, 2020, 页码: 15-33
Authors:  Rostam J. Neuwirth
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GAIA 2048—— A 'Glocal Agency in Anthropocene': Cognitive and Institutional Change as 'Legal Science Fiction' Book chapter
出自: A Post-WTO International Legal Order: Utopian, Dystopian and Other Scenarios, Cham, Switzerland:Springer Nature Switzerland AG, 2020, 页码: 71-91
Authors:  Rostam J. Neuwirth
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Law, time and oxymora: a synaesthetic exploration of the future role of customary global law Journal article
Revista general de derecho público comparado, 2019,Issue: 16,Page: 1-29
Authors:  Rostam J. Neuwirth
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Global Law  Customary Law  Legal Synaesthesia  Holonomic Paradigm  Oxymora And Paradoxes  
China and the “culture and trade” debate: a holistic approach Journal article
International Journal of Cultural Policy, 2019,Volume: 25,Issue: 5,Page: 629-647
Authors:  Rostam J. Neuwirth
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Belt And Road Initiative (Bri)  Brics  Culture And Trade Debate  People’s Republic Of China  Unesco  Wto  
The BRICS‐Lawyers' guide to BRICS texts and materials Book
Authors:  Rostam J. Neuwirth;  Alexandr Svetlicinii
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On the Origin of Legal Diversity by Means of Comparative Law, or the Role of Legal Education in the Solution of Legal Conflicts Book chapter
出自: The Indian Yearbook of Comparative Law 2018, Singapore:Springer, 2019, 页码: 45-67
Authors:  Rostam J. Neuwirth
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Law in the Time of Oxymora: A Synaesthesia of Language, Logic and Law Book
2 Park Square, Milton Park, Abingdon, Oxon OX14 4RN:Routledge, 2018
Authors:  Rostam J. Neuwirth
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The quest for the “missing link” in a coherent global health policy Journal article
Medicine and Law, 2018,Volume: 37,Issue: 1,Page: 3-26
Authors:  Rostam J. Neuwirth
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Essentially Contested Concepts  Essentially Oxymoronic Concepts  Fragmentation Of International Health Law  Global Health Policy  Law And Language  Life-death Dichotomy  
Counterfeiting and piracy in international trade: the good, the bad and the ... oxymoron of 'real fakes' Journal article
QUEEN MARY JOURNAL OF INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY, 2017,Volume: 7,Issue: 4,Page: 444-467
Authors:  Neuwirth, Rostam J.
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creative economy  creative industries  intellectual property law  trademarks  piracy and counterfeiting  fashion industry  essentially oxymoronic concepts  paradoxical thinking