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Attitude, body-fixed Earth rotation rate, and sensor bias estimation using single observations of direction of gravitational field Journal article
Automatica, 2021,Volume: 125
Authors:  Joel Reis;  Pedro Batista;  Paulo Oliveira;  Carlos Silvestre
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Nonlinear Observer And Filter Design  Guidance Navigation And Control  
Attitude estimation using high-grade gyroscopes Journal article
Control Engineering Practice, 2019,Volume: 92
Authors:  Joel Reis;  Pedro Batista;  Paulo Oliveira;  Carlos Silvestre
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Attitude Observer  Earth Angular Rotation  Inertial Reference Vector  Kalman Filter  Special Orthogonal Group  
Simultaneous localization and mapping for aerial vehicles: a 3-D sensor-based GAS filter Journal article
Autonomous Robots, 2015,Volume: 40,Issue: 5,Page: 881-902
Authors:  Pedro Lourenço;  Bruno J. Guerreiro;  Pedro Batista;  Paulo Oliveira;  Carlos Silvestre
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Simultaneous Localization And Mapping  Aerial Robotics  3-d Mapping  Sensor Fusion  Rgb-d Camera  
Globally asymptotically stable sensor-based simultaneous localization and mapping Journal article
IEEE Transactions on Robotics, 2013,Volume: 29,Issue: 6,Page: 1380-1395
Authors:  Bruno J. N. Guerreiro;  Pedro Batista;  Carlos Silvestre;  Paulo Oliveira
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Aerial Robotics  Globally Asymptotically Stable (Gas)  Mapping  Sensor Fusion  Simultaneous Localization And Mapping (Slam)  
Attitude estimation for intervention-AUVs working in tandem with autonomous surface craft Journal article
European Journal of Control, 2013,Volume: 18,Issue: 5,Page: 485-495
Authors:  Marco Morgado;  Pedro Batista;  Paulo Oliveira;  Carlos Silvestre
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Underwater Navigation  Attitude Estimation  Kalman Filter  Cooperative Navigation  
A two-step control strategy for docking of Autonomous Underwater Vehicles Conference paper
Proceedings of the American Control Conference, Montreal, QC, JUN 27-29, 2012
Authors:  Pedro Batista;  Carlos Silvestre;  Paulo Oliveira
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Decentralized Range-Based Linear Motion Estimation in Acyclic Vehicle Formations with Fixed Topologies Conference paper
2012 AMERICAN CONTROL CONFERENCE (ACC), Montreal, QC, JUN 27-29, 2012
Authors:  Daniel Viegas;  Pedro Batista;  Paulo Oliveira;  Carlos Silvestre
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Nonlinear attitude observer based on range and inertial measurements Journal article
IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology, 2012,Volume: 21,Issue: 5,Page: 1889-1897
Authors:  Sérgio Brás;  Rita Cunha;  Carlos Jorge Silvestre;  Paulo Jorge Oliveira
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Attitude Estimation  Lyapunov Method  Nonlinear Systems  Observers  
Decentralized H 2 observers for position and velocity estimation in vehicle formations with fixed topologies Journal article
Systems and Control Letters, 2012,Volume: 61,Issue: 3,Page: 443-453
Authors:  Daniel Viegas;  Pedro Batista;  Paulo Oliveira;  Carlos Silvestre
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Cooperative Navigation  Decentralized Estimation  Autonomous Vehicles  
GES Integrated LBL/USBL Attitude Determination System for Underwater Vehicles Conference paper
Proc. of the 51th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control (CDC 2012), Maui, Hawaii, USA, December 10-13, 2012., Hawaii, USA, December 10-13, 2012
Authors:  Pedro Batista;  Carlos Silvestre;  Paulo Oliveira
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