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Variants of DNA mismatch repair genes derived from 33,998 Chinese individuals with and without cancer reveal their highly ethnic-specific nature Journal article
European Journal of Cancer, 2020,Volume: 125,Page: 12-21
Authors:  Zhang,Li;  Bhaskaran,Shanmuga Priya;  Huang,Teng;  Dong,Hui;  Chandratre,Khyati;  Wu,Xiaobing;  Qin,Zixin;  Wang,Xiaoyu;  Cao,Wenming;  Chen,Tianhui;  Lynch,Henry;  Wang,San Ming
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Cancer  Chinese  Classification  Ethnicity  MMR genes  Mutation  
Common genetic variants contribute to incomplete penetrance: evidence from cancer-free BRCA1 mutation carriers Journal article
European Journal of Cancer, 2019,Volume: 107,Page: 68-78
Authors:  Downs,Bradley;  Sherman,Simon;  Cui,Jian;  Kim,Yeong C.;  Snyder,Carrie;  Christensen,Maria;  Luo,Jiangtao;  Lynch,Henry;  Wang,San Ming
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BRCA1  Breast cancer  Cancer resistance  Exome  Variation