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A comparison of road-network-constrained trajectory compression methods Conference paper
Proceedings of the International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Systems - ICPADS, Wuhan, Hubei, China, 1213, 2016 - 1216, 2016
Authors:  Ji, Yudian;  Liu, Hao;  Liu, Xiaoying;  Ding, Ye;  Luo, Wuman
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Clockwise compression for trajectory data under road network constraints Conference paper
Proceedings - 2016 IEEE International Conference on Big Data, Big Data 2016, Washington, DC, United states, 125, 2016 - 128, 2016
Authors:  Ji, Yudian;  Zang, Yuda;  Luo, Wuman;  Zhou, Xibo;  Ding, Ye;  Ni, Lionel M.
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