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Modeling relationships among young learners’ self-assessment, learning attitude, and language test performance Journal article
Journal of Asia TEFL, 2019,Volume: 16,Issue: 2,Page: 701-710
Authors:  Kunnan,Antony John;  Liao,Christine Linyu
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An agenda for language assessment development, research and pedagogy Journal article
Journal of Asia TEFL, 2019,Volume: 16,Issue: 1,Page: 327-333
Authors:  Kunnan,Antony John
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Examining the inseparability of content knowledge from LSP reading ability: an approach combining bifactor-multidimensional item response theory and structural equation modeling Journal article
Language Assessment Quarterly, 2018,Volume: 15,Issue: 2,Page: 109-129
Authors:  Cai,Yuyang;  Kunnan,Antony John
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A comparability study between the General English Proficiency Test- Advanced and the Internet-Based Test of English as a Foreign Language Journal article
Language Testing in Asia, 2017,Volume: 7,Issue: 1
Authors:  Kunnan,Antony John;  Carr,Nathan
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Evaluating language assessments Book
Authors:  Kunnan,Antony John
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Large-scale language assessment: Empirical studies Book chapter
出自: Handbook of Research in Second Language Teaching and Learning, 2016, 页码: 476-489
Authors:  Kunnan,Antony John
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Automated Essay Evaluation for English Language Learners:A Case Study of MY Access Journal article
Language Assessment Quarterly, 2016,Volume: 13,Issue: 4,Page: 359-376
Authors:  Hoang,Giang Thi Linh;  Kunnan,Antony John
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