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Design and Analysis of a New High Precision Decoupled XY Compact Parallel Micromanipulator Journal article
MICROMACHINES, 2017,Volume: 8,Issue: 3
Authors:  Chen, Xigang;  Li, Yangmin
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high precision  two-stage amplifier  decouple  kinematic analysis  flexure mechanism design  micro/nano parallel robots  finite-element analysis (FEA) simulation  
Optimal design and analysis of a 3-RRPaR parallel manipulator for chest compressions Conference paper
Proceedings of the 2005 IEEE International Conference on Mechatronics, ICM '05, Taipei, TAIWAN, JUL 10-12, 2005
Authors:  Li Y.;  Xu Q.
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Kinematic Design  Medical Robots  Parallel Manipulators  
Design and analysis of a new 3-DOF compliant parallel positioning platform for nanomanipulation Conference paper
2005 5th IEEE Conference on Nanotechnology, Nagoya, Japan, Japan, 15-15 July 2005
Authors:  Li Y.;  Xu Q.
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Compliant Mechanisms  Kinematic Design  Nanomanipulation  Parallel Manipulators  
Novel design of a 3-PUU spatial compliant parallel micromanipulator for nanomanipulation Conference paper
IEEE International Conference on Mechatronics and Automation, ICMA 2005, Niagara Falls, CANADA, JUL 29-AUG 01, 2005
Authors:  Li Y.;  Xu Q.
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Compliant Mechanisms  Kinematic Design  Nanomanipulation  Parallel Manipulators