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Near-Infrared Chemiluminescent Carbon Nanodots and Their Application in Reactive Oxygen Species Bioimaging Journal article
Advanced Science, 2020,Volume: 7,Issue: 8
Authors:  Cheng-Long Shen;  Qing Lou;  Jin-Hao Zang;  Kai-Kai Liu;  Song-Nan Qu;  Lin Dong;  Chong-Xin Shan
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Bioimaging  Carbon Nanodots  Chemiluminescence  Reactive Oxygen Species  Sensors  Turn-on Probes  
Bright and Multicolor Chemiluminescent Carbon Nanodots for Advanced Information Encryption Journal article
Advanced Science, 2019,Volume: 6,Issue: 11
Authors:  Cheng-Long Shen;  Qing Lou;  Chao-Fan Lv;  Jin-Hao Zang;  Song-Nan Qu;  Lin Dong;  Chong-Xin Shan
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Carbon Nanodots  Chemiluminescence  Encryption  Energy Level Alignment  Multicolor Emission