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Perceiving Technology-Based Professional Development Practices for Teachers: Accounts From English as a Foreign Language (EFL) Teachers in China Journal article
International Journal of Computer-Assisted Language Learning and Teaching, 2020,Volume: 10,Issue: 2,Page: 40-58
Authors:  Xiaoquan Pan;  Zhengdong Gan
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Collaboration  Technology-based Professional Development  Community Of Practice  Institutional Culture  Interaction  Online Learning Community  Teacher Professional Development  Teachers’ Belief  
Different moves, similar outcomes: a comparison of Chinese and Swedish preschool teacher education programmes and the revisions Journal article
Compare: A Journal of Comparative and International Education, 2015,Volume: 45,Issue: 6,Page: 840-862
Authors:  Vong, Keang-ieng Peggy;  Hu, Bi Ying;  Xia, Yan-ping
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Curriculum Decision-making  Institutional/organisational Culture  Preschool Teacher Education  Programme Revision