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Molecular evidence of herbal formula: a network-based analysis of Si-Wu decoction Journal article
Phytochemical Analysis, 2021,Volume: 32,Issue: 2,Page: 198-205
Authors:  Zuo,Hua Li;  Zhang,Qian Ru;  Chen,Cen;  Yang,Feng Qing;  Yu,Hua;  Hu,Yuan Jia
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Network Module  Network Pharmacology  Neuroendocrine Immunomodulation  Phytochemical Information  Si-wu Decoction  
Interactions of antithrombotic herbal medicines with Western cardiovascular drugs Journal article
Pharmacological Research, 2020,Volume: 159
Authors:  Zuo,Hua Li;  Linghu,Ke Gang;  Wang,Ya Li;  Liu,Kun Meng;  Gao,Yan;  Yu,Hua;  Yang,Feng Qing;  Hu,Yuan Jia
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Antithrombotic Herbal Medicine  Butylidenephthalide (Pubchem Cid: 642376)  Cardiovascular Disease  Cryptotanshinone (Pubchem Cid: 160254)  Herb−drug Interaction  Network Pharmacology  Salvianolic ACid a (Pubchem Cid: 5281793)  Salvianolic ACid c (Pubchem Cid: 13991590)  Senkyunolide c (Pubchem Cid: 642374)  Tanshinone i (Pubchem Cid: 114917)  Tanshinone Iia (Pubchem Cid: 164676)  Western Drugs  
Network pharmacology: An approach to the analysis of complex systems underlying traditional chinese medicine Journal article
World Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine, 2018,Volume: 4,Issue: 4,Page: 135-136
Authors:  Li,Shao;  Hu,Yuan Jia
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Dual-functional Brij-S20-modified nanocrystal formulation enhances the intestinal transport and oral bioavailability of berberine Journal article
Authors:  Xiong, Wei;  Sang, Wei;  Linghu, Ke Gang;  Zhong, Zhang Feng;  Cheang, Wai San;  Li, Juan;  Hu, Yuan Jia;  Yu, Hua;  Wang, Yi Tao
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Berberine  Poor Water Solubility  Pgp-mediated Drug Efflux  Brij  Nanocrystals  
Progress of studies on traditional chinese medicine based on complex network analysis Journal article
World Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine, 2017,Volume: 3,Issue: 3,Page: 28-37
Authors:  Zhang,Qian Ru;  Kong,Xiang Jun;  Xu,Hai Yu;  Wang,Yi Tao;  Hu,Yuan Jia
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Complex network analysis  formula  mechanism  syndrome  traditional Chinese medicine  
Natural products for antithrombosis Journal article
Evidence-based Complementary and Alternative Medicine, 2015,Volume: 2015
Authors:  Chen,Cen;  Yang,Feng Qing;  Zhang,Qian;  Wang,Feng Qin;  Hu,Yuan Jia;  Xia,Zhi Ning
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Exploration of strategies on patent licensing and Chinese materia medica internationalization Journal article
Chinese Traditional and Herbal Drugs, 2013,Volume: 44,Issue: 21,Page: 3080-3083
Authors:  Ni,Jing Yun;  Cai,Yong;  Xu,Jia Chen;  Hu,Yuan Jia;  Wang,Yi Tao
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Chinese materia medica  Intellectual property rights  Internationalization  Patent licensing  Strategy  
A quantitative study based on impact factors of blockbuster drugs Journal article
Chinese Journal of New Drugs, 2011,Volume: 20,Issue: 8,Page: 669-672
Authors:  Zhang,Yi Ran;  Li,Ling;  Hu,Yuan Jia;  Bian,Ying
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Blockbuster drugs  Impact factors  Logistic model