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APC/C dysfunction limits excessive cancer chromosomal instability Journal article
Cancer Discovery, 2017,Volume: 7,Issue: 2
Authors:  Sansregret L;  Patterson JO;  Dewhurst S;  López-García C;  Koch A;  McGranahan N;  Chao WCH;  Barry DJ;  Rowan A;  Instrell R;  Horswell S;  Way M;  Howell M;  Singleton MR;  Medema RH;  Nurse P;  Petronczki M;  Swanton C
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Smads orchestrate specific histone modifications and chromatin remodeling to activate transcription Journal article
EMBO Journal, 2006,Volume: 25,Issue: 19,Page: 4490-4502
Authors:  Ross S.;  Cheung E.;  Petrakis T.G.;  Howell M.;  Kraus W.L.;  Hill C.S.
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Brg1  Chromatin  Smad  Tgf-β  Transcription