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Family resemblance in translation: a legacy revisited Journal article
Perspectives: Studies in Translatology, 2016,Volume: 24,Issue: 2,Page: 278-293
Authors:  Chou,Isabelle C.;  Venkatesan,Hari;  He,Yuanjian
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Family Resemblance  Human Perceptions  Translational Equivalence  
Collaborative Learning of Translation: The Case of TransWiki in Macao Conference paper
Proceedings of The International Symposium on Open Collaboration, Berlin, Germany, 2014
Authors:  Hari Venkatesan;  Robert P. Biuk-Aghai;  Michele Notari
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Wiki  Social Constructivism  Collaborative Learning  Translation  
TransWiki: Supporting Translation Teaching Conference paper
Information and Communication Technology, Yogyakarta, Indonesia, 2013
Authors:  Robert P. Biuk-Aghai;  Hari Venkatesan
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Wiki  Translation  Collaborative Learning  
Teaching Translation Memory Systems: SDL Trados 2007 Journal article
Journal of Translation Studies, 2010,Volume: 13,Issue: 1 & 2,Page: 71-82
Authors:  Hari Venkatesan
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Visualization of Interactions in Collaborative Writing Conference paper
Proceedings of the 2008 Second IEEE International Conference on Digital Ecosystems and Technologies, Phitsanulok, Thailand, 2008
Authors:  Robert P. BIUK-AGHAI;  Christopher KELEN;  Hari VENKATESAN
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Information Visualization  Collaborative Writing  Assessment  Digital Ecosystems