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Synthesis of AlPO 4 -5 crystals using TBAOH as template Journal article
Microporous and Mesoporous Materials, 2006,Volume: 92,Issue: 1-3,Page: 129-133
Authors:  Jiang F.Y.;  Tang Z.K.;  Zhai J.P.;  Ye J.T.;  Han J.R.
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AlPO 4 -5  Crystal morphology  Organic template  Polar growth  Ultrasonic  
Assembly of disperse red 1 molecules in the channels of AlPO 4 -5 single crystals for second-harmonic generation Journal article
Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 2006,Volume: 110,Issue: 18,Page: 8924-8927
Authors:  Jiang F.Y.;  Lu W.X.;  Zhai J.P.;  Ye J.T.;  Wong G.K.L.;  Han J.R.;  Tang Z.K.
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Synthesis of large optically clear AlPO 4 -5 single crystals Journal article
Journal of Crystal Growth, 2005,Volume: 283,Issue: 1-2,Page: 108-114
Authors:  Jiang F.Y.;  Zhai J.P.;  Ye J.T.;  Han J.R.;  Tang Z.K.
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A1. Hydrothermal synthesis  A3. Crystal growth  B1. AFI  B2. Large AlPO 4 -5 crystals