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49.25% efficient cyan emissive sulfur dotsviaa microwave-assisted route Journal article
RSC Advances, 2020,Volume: 10,Issue: 29,Page: 17266-17269
Authors:  Hu,Zhe;  Dai,Hanqing;  Wei,Xian;  Su,Danlu;  Wei,Chang;  Chen,Yuanyuan;  Xie,Fengxian;  Zhang,Wanlu;  Guo,Ruiqian;  Qu,Songnan
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Highly Emissive Carbon Dots in Solid State and Their Applications in Light-Emitting Devices and Visible Light Communication Journal article
ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering, 2019,Volume: 7,Issue: 10,Page: 9301-9308
Authors:  Liu,Enshan;  Li,Di;  Zhou,Xiaojie;  Zhou,Gufan;  Xiao,Han;  Zhou,Ding;  Tian,Pengfei;  Guo,Ruiqian;  Qu,Songnan
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Aggregation-induced luminescence quenching  Carbon dots  Light-emitting diodes  Solid-state luminescence  Visible light communication