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Comparing Screening Abilities of the 33-Item Hypomania Checklist (HCL-33) and the 33-Item Hypomania Checklist External Assessment (HCL-33-EA) for the Detection of Bipolar Disorder Journal article
Frontiers in Psychiatry, 2021,Volume: 12
Authors:  Wang, Yuan Yuan;  Feng, Yuan;  Fang, Meng;  Guo, Chengwei;  Ungvari, Gabor S.;  Hall, Brian J.;  Wang, Gang;  Xiang, Yu Tao
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bipolar disorder  HCL-33  HCL-33-EA  sensitivity  specificity  
Autophagy-regulating miRNAs: potential targets for obesity and related metabolic disorders Journal article
Drug Discovery Today, 2021,Volume: 26,Issue: 6,Page: 1532-1538
Authors:  Zhang,Tian;  Linghu,Ke Gang;  Lou,Ruohan;  Li,Zhengqiu;  Liu,Jingxin;  Li,Rongsong;  Qin,Zheng Hong;  Guo,Bing;  Lin,Ligen
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Optimizing granulation of a sulfide-based autotrophic denitrification (SOAD) sludge: Reactor configuration and mixing mode Journal article
Science of the Total Environment, 2021,Volume: 750
Authors:  Guo, Gang;  Hao, Tianwei
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Filamentous Growth  Granulation  Optimization  Sludge Flotation  Sulfide-oxidizing Autotrophic Denitrification  
Promoting photocatalytic hydrogen evolution over the perovskite oxide Pr0.5(Ba0.5Sr0.5)0.5Co0.8Fe0.2O3by plasmon-induced hot electron injection Journal article
Nanoscale, 2020,Volume: 12,Issue: 36,Page: 18710-18720
Authors:  Li, Zhishan;  Zhang, Qimeng;  Li, Jian Gang;  Sun, Huachuan;  Yuen, Muk Fung;  Jiang, Shenglin;  Tian, Yang;  Hong, Guo;  Wang, Chundong;  Liu, Meilin
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A Fourth Order Waveguide Bandpass Filter with Compact Size on Transversal Coupling Topology Conference paper
2020 IEEE MTT-S International Wireless Symposium, IWS 2020 - Proceedings, Shanghai, China, SEP 20-23, 2020
Authors:  Guo, Zai Cheng;  Zhu, Lei;  Zhang, Gang
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Bandpass Filter (Bpf)  Modularity  Rectangular H-plane Waveguide  
Interfacial electron transfer on heterostructured Ni3Se4/FeOOH endows highly efficient water oxidation in alkaline solutions Journal article
Materials Today Energy, 2020,Volume: 17
Authors:  Lv, Lin;  Chang, Yaoxing;  Ao, Xiang;  Li, Zhishan;  Li, Jina Gang;  Wu, Ying;  Xue, Xinying;  Cao, Yulin;  Guo, Hong;  Wang, Chundong
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Electron Redistribution  Oxygen Evolution  Porous Nanochains  Selenides  Π-symmetry Electrons  
Engineering the coupling interface of rhombic dodecahedral NiCoP/C@FeOOH nanocages toward enhanced water oxidation Journal article
Nanoscale, 2019,Volume: 11,Issue: 42,Page: 19959-19968
Authors:  Li, Jian Gang;  Gu, Yu;  Sun, Huachuan;  Lv, Lin;  Li, Zhishan;  Ao, Xiang;  Xue, Xinying;  Hong, Guo;  Wang, Chundong
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Membraneless reproducible MoS2 field-effect transistor biosensor for high sensitive and selective detection of FGF21 无膜且具有重现性的MoS2场效应晶体管生物传感器用于高灵敏度和高选择性地检测FGF21 Journal article
Science China Materials, 2019,Volume: 62,Issue: 10,Page: 1479-1487
Authors:  Gong, Xinxing;  Liu, Yeru;  Xiang, Haiyan;  Liu, Hang;  Liu, Zhigang;  Zhao, Xiaorui;  Li, Jishan;  Li, Huimin;  Hong, Guo;  Hu, Travis Shihao;  Chen, Hong;  Liu, Song;  Yu, Gang
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Disease Diagnostics  Fet Biosensor  Fgf21  Mos2  
Engineering hierarchical CoSe/NiFe layered-double-hydroxide nanoarrays as high efficient bifunctional electrocatalyst for overall water splitting Journal article
Journal of Power Sources, 2019,Volume: 425,Page: 138-146
Authors:  Sun, Huachuan;  Li, Jian Gang;  Lv, Lin;  Li, Zhishan;  Ao, Xiang;  Xu, Chenhui;  Xue, Xinying;  Hong, Guo;  Wang, Chundong
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Bifunctional Electrocatalyst  Interface  Layered Double Hydroxides  Selenides  Water Splitting  
Luminescence of Tb(3)Al(5)O(12 )phosphors co-doped with Ce3+/Gd3+ for white light-emitting diodes Journal article
BEILSTEIN JOURNAL OF NANOTECHNOLOGY, 2019,Volume: 10,Page: 1237-1242
Authors:  Yu-Guo Yang;  Lei Wei;  Jian-Hua Xu;  Hua-Jian Yu;  Yan-Yan Hu;  Hua-Di Zhang;  Xu-Ping Wang;  Bing Liu;  Cong Zhang;  Qing-Gang Li
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Luminescence  Tb3al5o12  ce3+/gd3+  White Light-emitting Diodes (Wleds)