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Passaging and colony expansion of human pluripotent stem cells by enzyme-free dissociation in chemically defined culture conditions Journal article
Nature Protocols, 2012,Volume: 7,Issue: 11,Page: 2029-2040
Authors:  Beers J.;  Gulbranson D.R.;  George N.;  Siniscalchi L.I.;  Jones J.;  Thomson J.A.;  Chen G.
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Thermal stability of fibroblast growth factor protein is a determinant factor in regulating self-renewal, differentiation, and reprogramming in human pluripotent stem cells Journal article
Stem Cells, 2012,Volume: 30,Issue: 4,Page: 623-630
Authors:  Chen G.;  Gulbranson D.R.;  Yu P.;  Hou Z.;  Thomson J.A.
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Differentiation  Fibroblast Growth Factor  Map Kinase  Pluripotency  Pluripotent Stem Cells  Thermal Stability  
Chemically defined conditions for human iPSC derivation and culture Journal article
Nature Methods, 2011,Volume: 8,Issue: 5,Page: 424-429
Authors:  Chen G.;  Gulbranson D.R.;  Hou Z.;  Bolin J.M.;  Ruotti V.;  Probasco M.D.;  Smuga-Otto K.;  Howden S.E.;  Diol N.R.;  Propson N.E.;  Wagner R.;  Lee G.O.;  Antosiewicz-Bourget J.;  Teng J.M.C.;  Thomson J.A.
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Actin-myosin contractility is responsible for the reduced viability of dissociated human embryonic stem cells Journal article
Cell Stem Cell, 2010,Volume: 7,Issue: 2,Page: 240-248
Authors:  Chen G.;  Hou Z.;  Gulbranson D.R.;  Thomson J.A.
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