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Antiangiogenic Effects and Mechanisms of trans-Ethyl p-Methoxycinnamate from Kaempferia galanga L. Journal article
JOURNAL OF AGRICULTURAL AND FOOD CHEMISTRY, 2012,Volume: 60,Issue: 45,Page: 11309-11317
Authors:  Zhi-Heng He;  Grace Gar-Lee Yue;  Clara Bik-San Lau;  Wei Ge;  Paul Pui-Hay ButPaul Pui-Hay But
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Nutrition Restriction  Gestation  Offspring  Insulin Signaling  
Anti-angiogenic effects and mechanisms of zerumin A from Alpinia caerulea Journal article
Food Chemistry, 2012,Volume: 132,Issue: 1,Page: 201-208
Authors:  Zhi-Heng He;  Christian Gilli;  Grace Gar-Lee Yue;  Clara Bik-San Lau;  Harald Greger;  Lothar Brecker;  Wei Ge;  Paul Pui-Hay But
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Alpinia Caerulea  Anti-angiogenesis  Huvec  Zebrafish  Zerumin a