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Does board independence influence financial performance in IPO firms? The moderating role of the national business system Journal article
Journal of World Business, 2017,Volume: 52,Issue: 5,Page: 628-639
Authors:  Zattoni,Alessandro;  Witt,Michael A.;  Judge,William Q.;  Talaulicar,Till;  Jean Jinghan Chen;  Lewellyn,Krista;  Hu,Helen Wei;  Gabrielsson,Jonas;  Rivas,Jose Luis;  Puffer,Sheila;  Shukla,Dhirendra;  Lopez,Felix;  Adegbite,Emmanuel;  Fassin,Yves;  Yamak,Sibel;  Fainshmidt,Stav;  van Ees,Hans
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Corporate Governance  Financial Performance  Initial Public Offerings  Institutions  National Business Systems  
Disincentives for Risk-Taking in Mortgage and Other Financial Markets: Adjusting Management Remunerations Conference paper
Proceedings of AREUEA 2014 Meeting, Philadelphia, USA, 9th and Friday 11th July 2014
Authors:  Rose Neng Lai;  Robert Van Order
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Financial Institutions  Contingent Convertible Bonds  Management Incentives  Risk-taking  Dodd-frank Act  
Risk Taking, Guarantees, Securitization and the Option to Change Strategy: The Economics of Pulling a Fast One Journal article
Ross School of Business Paper, 2009,Issue: 1123
Authors:  Rose Neng Lai;  Robert Van Order
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Securitization  Financial Institutions  Risk-taking