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Resources recycle of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) wastewater 1: Effectiveness of the UF-MD hybrid system and MD process optimization Journal article
Desalination, 2021,Volume: 504
Authors:  Zhong, Wenwei;  Zhao, Yingnan;  Chen, Shunquan;  Zhong, Jialun;  Guo, Li Wei;  Zheng, Dongyang;  Xie, Chun;  Ji, Chao;  Guo, Yi;  Dong, Guangxi;  Zhang, Fengyuan;  An, Alicia;  Li, Shaoping;  Li, Sheng
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Membrane distillation  Resource recycle  Traditional Chinese medicines  Wastewater reuse  
A phosphinate-based near-infrared fluorescence probe for imaging the superoxide radical anion in vitro and in vivo Journal article
Chemical Communications, 2016,Volume: 52,Issue: 13,Page: 2679
Authors:  Jianjian Zhang;  Chuwen Li;  Rui Zhang;  Fengyuan Zhang;  Wei Liu;  Xiaoyan Liu;  Simon Ming-Yuen Lee;  Haixia Zhang
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