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China's long March to Central and Eastern Europe Journal article
European Review, 2018,Volume: 26,Issue: 4,Page: 755-766
Authors:  Song,Weiqing
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The "Dark Matter" in EU Competition Law: Non-Infringement Decisions in the New EU Member States before and after Tele2 Polska Journal article
EUROPEAN LAW REVIEW, 2018,Volume: 43,Issue: 3,Page: 424-446
Authors:  Svetlicinii, Alexandr;  Bernatt, Maciej;  Botta, Marco
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Anti-competitive Practices  Bulgaria  Competence  Croatia  Czech Republic  Declarations Of Non-infringement  Eu Law  National Competition Authorities  Poland  Romania  Slovakia  
Liberal Arts Education and the Modern University Journal article
European Review, 2018,Volume: 26,Issue: 2,Page: 272-284
Authors:  Sun,Yifeng
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"Umbrella Pricing" in private enforcement of EU Competition Law and US Antitrust Law: another transatlantic divergence? Journal article
European Law Review, 2016,Volume: 41,Issue: 3,Page: 399-411
Authors:  Svetlicinii,Alexandr;  Botta,Marco
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Comparative law  EU law  Private enforcement  Umbrella pricing  United States  
Antitrust in China: An overview of recent implementation of anti-monopoly law Journal article
European Business Organization Law Review, 2013,Volume: 14,Issue: 1,Page: 119-139
Authors:  Dan Wei
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Antitrust  China  Competition Enforcement  Private Action  
An Analysis of Enlightened Shareholder Value in Light of Ex Post Opportunism and Incomplete Law Journal article
European Company and Financial Law Review, 2011,Volume: 8,Issue: 4,Page: 445-475
Authors:  Andrew R. Keay;  Hao Zhang
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The Impact of Regulatory Enforcement and Audit upon IFRS Compliance – Evidence from China Journal article
European Accounting Review, 2010,Volume: 19,Issue: 4,Page: 665-692
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Bidding behavior in competing auctions: Evidence from eBay Journal article
European Economic Review, 2006,Volume: 50,Issue: 2,Page: 307-322
Authors:  Anwar,Sajid;  McMillan,Robert;  Zheng,Mingli
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Auction Empirics  Competing Auction  Cross-bidding  
Bidding behavior in competing auctions: Evidence from eBay Journal article
European Economic Review, 2006,Volume: 50,Issue: 2,Page: 307
Authors:  Anwar S.;  McMillan R.;  Zheng M.
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Auction empirics  Competing auction  Cross-bidding