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GPSD: generative parking spot detection using multi-clue recovery model Journal article
Visual Computer, 2021,Volume: 37,Issue: 9-11,Page: 2657-2669
Authors:  Chen, Zhihua;  Qiu, Jun;  Sheng, Bin;  Li, Ping;  Wu, Enhua
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Auto-parking  Corner recognition  Multi-clue recovery model  Parking spot detection  
AFF-Dehazing: Attention-based feature fusion network for low-light image Dehazing Journal article
Computer Animation and Virtual Worlds, 2021,Volume: 32,Issue: 3-4
Authors:  Zhou, Yu;  Chen, Zhihua;  Sheng, Bin;  Li, Ping;  Kim, Jinman;  Wu, Enhua
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attention mechanism  image dehazing  low-light enhancement  
Stains on imperfect textile Journal article
Virtual Reality and Intelligent Hardware, 2021,Volume: 3,Issue: 2,Page: 142-155
Authors:  Zheng, Yi;  Chi, Xiaoyu;  Chen, Yanyun;  Wu, Enhua
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Capillary action  Fabric appearance  Simulation  Stains  
Affine particle-in-cell method for two-phase liquid simulation Journal article
Virtual Reality and Intelligent Hardware, 2021,Volume: 3,Issue: 2,Page: 105-117
Authors:  Lyu, Luan;  Cao, Wei;  Wu, Enhua;  Yang, Zhixin
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Affine particle-in-cell method  Fluid simulation  Two-Phase flow  
DsNet: Dual stack network for detecting diabetes mellitus and chronic kidney disease Journal article
Information Sciences, 2021,Volume: 547,Page: 945-962
Authors:  Zhang,Qi;  Zhou,Jianhang;  Zhang,Bob;  Wu,Enhua
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Chronic Kidney Disease  Diabetes Mellitus  Facial Image  Medical Biometrics  Noninvasive Disease Detection  Stack Network  Traditional Chinese Medicine  
A new two-stage method for single image rain removal Journal article
IET Image Processing, 2021,Volume: 15,Issue: 2,Page: 492-503
Authors:  Zhu, Jian;  Liu, Peiyu;  Luo, Yu;  Ling, Jie;  Wu, Enhua
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Generation of Aesthetic Chinese Flower Painting by Stroke-Based Stylization 生成中国花卉水墨画的笔画风格化方法 Journal article
Jisuanji Fuzhu Sheji Yu Tuxingxue Xuebao/Journal of Computer-Aided Design and Computer Graphics, 2020,Volume: 32,Issue: 11,Page: 1721-1730
Authors:  Yang, Lijie;  Xu, Tianchen;  Wu, Enhua
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Artistic Stylization  Chinese Flower Painting  Interactive Drawing  Non-photorealistic Rendering  Stroke Generation  
Fracture Patterns Design for Anisotropic Models with the Material Point Method Journal article
Computer Graphics Forum, 2020,Volume: 39,Issue: 7,Page: 93-104
Authors:  Cao,Wei;  Lyu,Luan;  Ren,Xiaohua;  Zhang,Bob;  Yang,Zhixin;  Wu,Enhua
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Ccs Concepts  Physical Simulation  • Computing Methodologies → Animation  
Simulation of multi-solvent stains on textile Journal article
Visual Computer, 2020,Volume: 36,Issue: 10-12,Page: 2005-2016
Authors:  Zheng, Yi;  Ma, Lei;  Chen, Yanyun;  Fei, Guangzheng;  Sheng, Bin;  Wu, Enhua
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Capillary Action  Fabric Appearance  Multi-solvent Stains  Simulation  Textile  Texture Synthesis  
Simplified non-locally dense network for single-image dehazing Journal article
Visual Computer, 2020,Volume: 36,Issue: 10-12,Page: 2189-2200
Authors:  Chen, Zhihua;  Hu, Zhuoliang;  Sheng, Bin;  Li, Ping;  Kim, Jinman;  Wu, Enhua
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Dense  Non-local  Single-image Dehazing