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Sentido e limites da jurisdição cautelar civil Book
Coimbra:Edições Almedina, 2014
Authors:  Cândida da Silva Antunes Pires;  Teresa Lancry A. S. Robalo;  Duarte Santos;  Joana Crisóstomo;  Carla Cocco Gomes
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Stochastic hybrid systems with renewal transitions: Moment analysis with application to networked control systems with delays Journal article
SIAM Journal on Control and Optimization, 2013,Volume: 51,Issue: 2,Page: 1481-1499
Authors:  Duarte Antunes;  Joa͂o P. Hespanha;  Carlos Silvestre
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Networked Control Systems  Volterra Integral Equations  Semi-markov Processes  
Stability of networked control systems with asynchronous renewal links: An impulsive systems approach Journal article
Automatica, 2012,Volume: 49,Issue: 2,Page: 402-413
Authors:  Duarte Antunes;  João Hespanha;  Carlos Silvestre
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Networked Control Systems  Stability Of Stochastic Systems  Asynchronous Systems  Impulsive Systems  Positive Systems