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Genetic background controls tumor development in pten-deficient mice Journal article
CANCER RESEARCH, 2006,Volume: 66,Issue: 13,Page: 6492-6496
Authors:  Dan Freeman;  Ralf Lesche;  Nathalie Kertesz;  Shungyou Wang;  Gang Li;  Jing Gao;  Matthias Groszer;  Hilda Martinez-Diaz;  Nora Rozengurt;  George Thomas;  Xin Liu;  Hong Wu
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PTEN deletion leads to up-regulation of a secreted growth factor pleiotrophin Journal article
JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY, 2006,Volume: 281,Issue: 16,Page: 10663-10668
Authors:  Gang Li;  Yingchun Hu;  Yanying Huo;  Minli Liu;  Dan Freeman;  Jing Gao;  Xin Liu;  De-Chang Wu;  Hong Wu
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