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L2 to L3 Transfer: Learner Corpora Analyses Journal article
Learner Corpus Studies in Asia and the World, 2013,Volume: 1,Page: 271-281
Authors:  Custódio MARTINS;  Mário PINHARANDA NUNES
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Cross-linguistic Influence  Variation  Portuguese As L3  Oral Corpus  Transfer  
Perception of european portuguese minimal pairs by chinese speakers: first approaches Book chapter
出自: Lingustic studies of human language, Athens, Greece:Athens Institute for Education and Research, 2013, 页码: 537-548
Authors:  Ana Nunes;  Custódio Martins
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O Ensino do Português para Fins Jurídicos em Macau Journal article
Revista SIPLE, 2011,Volume: 2,Issue: 1,Page: 113-129
Authors:  Ricardo Moutinho;  Custódio Martins;  Mário Pinharanda Nunes
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Pfol Para Fins Específicos / Portuguese For Specific Purposes  Estudantes De Direito / Law stuDents  Aprendentes Chineses / Chinese Learners  
Intercultural interaction: Teacher and student roles in the classroom of Portuguese as a foreign language in Macau, China Book chapter
出自: Language and Learning in the International University: From English Uniformity to Diversity and Hybridity, 2011, 页码: 231-248
Authors:  Teixeira e Silva,Roberval;  Cavaco Martins,Custódio
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