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The chromatin accessibility landscape of primary human cancers Journal article
Science, 2018,Volume: 362,Issue: 6413
Authors:  Corces M.R.;  Granja J.M.;  Shams S.;  Louie B.H.;  Seoane J.A.;  Zhou W.;  Silva T.C.;  Groeneveld C.;  Wong C.K.;  Cho S.W.;  Satpathy A.T.;  Mumbach M.R.;  Hoadley K.A.;  Robertson A.G.;  Sheffield N.C.;  Felau I.;  Castro M.A.A.;  Berman B.P.;  Staudt L.M.;  Zenklusen J.C.;  Laird P.W.;  Curtis C.;  Greenleaf W.J.;  Chang H.Y.
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Optimization of group v switching times for InGaP/GaAs heterostructures grown by LP-MOCVD Conference paper
Proceedings of the IEEE 24th International Symposium on Compound Semiconductors, ISCS 1997
Authors:  Yang Q.;  Hartmann Q.J.;  Curtis A.P.;  Lin C.;  Ahmari D.A.;  Scott D.;  Kuo H.C.;  Chen H.;  Stillman G.E.
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