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Good governance and confidentiality: a matter of the preservation of the public sphere Journal article
Corporate Governance, 2014,Volume: 14,Issue: 4,Page: 543-554
Authors:  Miguel Goede;  Rostam J. Neuwirth
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Confidentiality  Good Governance  Populism  Privacy  Public Sphere  Social Media  Transparency  
Innovation and Family Ownership: Empirical Evidence from India Journal article
Corporate Governance: An International Review, 2014,Volume: 22,Issue: 1,Page: 4-23
Authors:  Suman Lodh;  Monomita Nandy;  Jean Chen
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Corporate Governance  Innovation Productivity  Family Firms  Indian Business Group  Patent  
Corporate governance and initial public offerings in China Book chapter
出自: Corporate Governance and Initial Public Offerings:Cambridge University Press, 2012, 页码: 115-140
Authors:  jean jinghan chen;  stephen x.h. gong
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Audit regulatory reform with a refined stakeholder model to enhance corporate governance: Hong Kong evidence Journal article
Corporate Governance: The international journal of business in society, 2011,Volume: 11,Issue: 2,Page: 123-135
Authors:  Law,Philip
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Auditing  Corporate Governance  Financial Reporting  Pacific Region  Regulation  Stakeholder Analysis  
The Effect of Insider Control and Global Benchmarks on Chinese Executive Compensation Journal article
Corporate Governance: An International Review, 2010,Volume: 18,Issue: 2,Page: 107-123
Authors:  Jean J. Chen;  Xuguang Liu;  Weian Li
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Corporate Governance  Managerial Power  China  Executive Compensation  Benchmark Effect  
The determinants of auditor switching from the perspective of corporate governance in China Journal article
Authors:  Lin Z.J.;  Liu M.
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Corporate Governance  Supervisory Board  Government Ownership  State-owned Enterprise (Soe)  Auditor Switching  China  
Corporate Governance and the Harmonisation of Chinese Accounting Practices with IFRS Practices Journal article
Corporate Governance: An International Review, 2007,Volume: 15,Issue: 2,Page: 284-293
Authors:  Jean Jinghan Chen;  Peng Cheng
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Corporate Governance  Enforcement  Chinese Gaap  Harmonisation