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Working for a better future: Social mobility beliefs and expectations of Filipino migrant workers in Macau Journal article
Australian Journal of Psychology, 2018,Volume: 70,Issue: 4,Page: 350-360
Authors:  Bernardo,Allan B.I.;  Clemente,Jose Antonio R.;  Wang,Tulips Yiwen
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Causal Conceptions  Goal-attainment Strategies  Migrant Workers  Socio-economic Mobility  Subjective Social Class  
Filipino Adolescents' Conceptions of Socioeconomic Mobility: a Consensual Qualitative Research Journal article
CHILD INDICATORS RESEARCH, 2017,Volume: 10,Issue: 1,Page: 117-140
Authors:  Clemente, Jose Antonio R.;  Daganzo, Mary Angeline A.;  Bernardo, Allan B. I.;  Pangan, Cheila Alexis C.
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Socioeconomic Mobility  Adolescents  Poverty  Consensual Qualitative Research  
What Personal Value Types are Associated with Beliefs on the Social Value of Religion? Journal article
Psychological Studies, 2016,Volume: 61,Issue: 3,Page: 170-180
Authors:  Bernardo,Allan B.I.;  Clemente,Jose Antonio R.;  Nalipay,Ma Jenina N.
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Personal Values  Philippines  Religiosity  Social Axioms  
Describing the values of Filipino adolescents: a comparison with pan-cultural norms Journal article
Journal of Tropical Psychology, 2014,Volume: 4,Issue: e2,Page: 1-8
Authors:  Allan B. I. Bernardo;  Jose Antonio R. Clemente;  Gregory Arief D. Liem
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Values  Portrait Values Questionnaire  Philippines  Etic-vs.- Emic Approaches  Adolescents  Pan-cultural Norms