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The effect of quenching on semiconductive properties and magnetic phase transition temperature of multiferroic Pb(Fe1/2Nb1/2)O-3 ceramics Journal article
FERROELECTRICS, 2017,Volume: 509,Issue: 1,Page: 64-73
Authors:  Raevskaya, S. I.;  Kubrin, S. P.;  Raevski, I. P.;  Chou, C. C.;  Chen, H.;  Titov, V. V.;  Malitskaya, M. A.;  Sarychev, D. A.;  Zakharchenko, I. N.
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Compositional ordering  lead iron niobate  PFN  Neel temperature  resistivity  PTCR  Mossbauer spectra  
Aberrant JAK/STAT signaling suppresses TFF1 and TFF2 through epigenetic silencing of GATA6 in gastric cancer Journal article
International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 2016,Volume: 17,Issue: 9
Authors:  Wu C.-S.;  Wei K.-L.;  Chou J.-L.;  Lu C.-K.;  Hsieh C.-C.;  Lin J.M.J.;  Deng Y.-F.;  Hsu W.-T.;  Wang H.-M.D.;  Leung C.-H.;  Ma D.-L.;  Li C.;  Chan M.W.Y.
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Epigenetic Silencing  Gastric Cancer  Gata6  Stat3  Tff1  Tff2  
Family resemblance in translation: a legacy revisited Journal article
Perspectives: Studies in Translatology, 2016,Volume: 24,Issue: 2,Page: 278-293
Authors:  Chou,Isabelle C.;  Venkatesan,Hari;  He,Yuanjian
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Family Resemblance  Human Perceptions  Translational Equivalence  
The effects of aliovalent cations doping on electric-field-induced strain and microstructures of (Bi0.5Na0.5)0.94Ba 0.06TiO3 lead-free piezoceramics Conference paper
Ceramics International
Authors:  Chen P.-Y.;  Chou C.-C.;  Nan Chen C.;  Chen C.-S.;  Chen H.
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B. Microstructure-final  C. Ferroelectric properties  D. Perovskites  
A 21.4 MHz Gm-C bandpass filter in 0.8 μm digital CMOS with on-chip frequency and Q-factor tuning Conference paper
IEEE-CAS Region 8 Workshop on Analog and Mixed IC Design, Proceedings, Baveno, Italy, Italy, 12-13 Sept. 1997
Authors:  Chou Orlando H.W.;  Franca Jose E.;  Vital Joao C.;  Leme Carlos A.;  Martins Rui P.
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