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Factor Structure and Psychometric Properties of the Work-Family Balance Scale in an Urban Chinese Sample Journal article
Social Indicators Research, 2019,Volume: 105,Issue: 3,Page: 409-418
Authors:  Zhang,Huiping;  Yip,Paul S.F.;  Chi,Peilian;  Chan,Kinsun;  Cheung,Yee Tak;  Zhang,Xiulan
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Psychometric Properties  Urban Chinese  Work-family Balance  Work-family Conflict  Work-family Enrichment  
The interplay between sleep and mood in predicting academic functioning, physical health and psychological health: A longitudinal study Journal article
Journal of Psychosomatic Research, 2013,Volume: 74,Issue: 4,Page: 271
Authors:  Wong M.L.;  Lau E.Y.Y.;  Wan J.H.Y.;  Cheung S.F.;  Hui C.H.;  Mok D.S.Y.
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Negative affect  Post-sleep functioning  School grades  Sleep-wake schedule  Structural equation modeling  Well-being  
Marital satisfaction of Chinese under stress: Moderating effects of personal control and social support Journal article
Asian Journal of Social Psychology, 2011,Volume: 14,Issue: 1,Page: 15-25
Authors:  Chi,Peilian;  Tsang,Sandra K.M.;  Chan,Kin San;  Xiang,Xiaoping;  Yip,Paul S.F.;  Cheung,Yee Tak;  Zhang,Xiulan
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Marital Satisfaction  Personal Control  Social Support  
Relevance of openness as a personality dimension in Chinese culture: Aspects of its cultural relevance Journal article
Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology, 2008,Volume: 39,Issue: 1,Page: 81
Authors:  Cheung F.M.;  Cheung S.F.;  Zhang J.;  Leung K.;  Leong F.;  Yeh K.H.
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Chinese personality  CPAI-2  Openness  
Meta-analysis of stigma and mental health Journal article
Social Science and Medicine, 2007,Volume: 65,Issue: 2,Page: 245
Authors:  Mak W.W.S.;  Poon C.Y.M.;  Pun L.Y.K.;  Cheung S.F.
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Mental health  Meta-analysis  Review  Stigma