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A study of the vibronic structure in the Hel excited photoelectron spectrum of CO2 involving the X2∏g and A2∏u ionic states Journal article
Journal of Chemical Physics, 1996,Volume: 104,Issue: 22,Page: 8922-8931
Authors:  Baltzer P.;  Chau F.T.;  Eland J.H.D.;  Karlsson L.;  Lundqvist M.;  Rostas J.;  Tam K.Y.;  Veenhuizen H.;  Wannberg B.
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Applications of the terminate and stay resident programming technique for enhancing chemical measurements Journal article
Computers and Chemistry, 1995,Volume: 19,Issue: 4,Page: 389-393
Authors:  Tam K.Y.;  Chau F.T.
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Application of the fast fourier transform method for compression of spectral data obtained from a photodiode array spectrophotometer Journal article
Computers and Chemistry, 1994,Volume: 18,Issue: 1,Page: 13-20
Authors:  Chau F.T.;  Tam K.Y.
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Multivariate study of kinetic data for a two-step consecutive reaction using target factor analysis Journal article
Chemometrics and Intelligent Laboratory Systems, 1994,Volume: 25,Issue: 1,Page: 25-42
Authors:  Tam K.Y.;  Chau F.T.
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Application of a bi-directional associative memory (BAM) network in computer assisted learning in chemistry Journal article
Computers and Chemistry, 1994,Volume: 18,Issue: 4,Page: 359-362
Authors:  Chau F.T.;  Cheung B.;  Tam K.Y.;  Li L.K.
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Simultaneous multi-wavelength study of the reduction reaction of chromic acid with oxalic acid using a photodiode array spectrophotometer Journal article
Spectroscopy Letters, 1993,Volume: 26,Issue: 7,Page: 1195-1212
Authors:  Tam K.Y.;  Chau F.T.
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Kinetic Study  Photodiode Array Spectrophotometer Kinetic Study  Principal Component Analysis  Target Factor Analysis  
A computer-based trigger system for a laser induced plasma spectrometer Journal article
Computers and Chemistry, 1993,Volume: 17,Issue: 1,Page: 11-17
Authors:  Chau F.T.;  Tam K.Y.;  Lau K.S.;  Wong K.H.
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Controlling a stepper motor: Using the IBM PC communication port Journal article
Journal of Chemical Education, 1992,Volume: 69,Issue: 5
Authors:  Chau F.T.;  Tam K.Y.
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Simultaneous multiwavelength study of the reaction of phenolphthalein with sodium hydroxide Journal article
Journal of Automatic Chemistry, 1992,Volume: 14,Issue: 5,Page: 157-162
Authors:  Tam K.Y.;  Chau F.T.
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