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Valuation of Pharmaceutical Patents: A Comprehensive Analytical Framework Based on Technological, Commercial, and Legal Factors Journal article
Journal of Pharmaceutical Innovation, 2015,Volume: 10,Issue: 3,Page: 281-285
Authors:  Ni,Jingyun;  Shao,Rong;  Ung,Carolina Oi Lam;  Wang,Yitao;  Hu,Yuanjia;  Cai,Yong
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Commercial factors  Legal factors  Patent value  Pharmaceutical patents  Technological factors  Valuation  
Exploration of strategies on patent licensing and Chinese materia medica internationalization Journal article
Chinese Traditional and Herbal Drugs, 2013,Volume: 44,Issue: 21,Page: 3080-3083
Authors:  Ni,Jing Yun;  Cai,Yong;  Xu,Jia Chen;  Hu,Yuan Jia;  Wang,Yi Tao
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Chinese materia medica  Intellectual property rights  Internationalization  Patent licensing  Strategy