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Venture capitalist participation and the performance of Chinese IPOs Journal article
Emerging Markets Review, 2016,Volume: 29,Page: 226-245
Authors:  Isaac Otchere;  Anna P.I. Vong
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China  Initial Public Offering  Reputational Capital  Structural Power  Venture Capital  
The short-run price performance of initial public offerings in Hong Kong: New evidence Journal article
Global Finance Journal, 2010,Volume: 21,Issue: 3,Page: 253-261
Authors:  Anna P.I. Vong;  Duarte Trigueiros
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Ex-ante Uncertainty  Initial Public Offerings  Subscription Rate  Underpricing  Underwriters' Reputation  
Determinants of Bank Profitability in Macau Journal article
Macau Monetary Research Bulletin, 2009,Issue: 12,Page: 93-113
Authors:  Anna P.I. Vong;  Hoi Si Chan
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An empirical extension of Rock's IPO underpricing model to three distinct groups of investors Journal article
Applied Financial Economics, 2009,Volume: 19,Issue: 15,Page: 1257-1268
Authors:  Anna P.I. Vong;  Duarte Trigueiros
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State ownership and corporate performance: evidence from Chinese Listed firms Conference paper
21st Australasian Finance and Banking Conference 2008 Paper, The Shangri-La Hotel, Sydney, 16 - 18 December, 2008
Authors:  Anna P.I. Vong;  Y.J. Lin
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State Ownership  Legal Person Ownership  Tobin’s q  Corporate Performance  
Internal Credit Risk Rating Systems in the Macao Banking Sector Journal article
Macau Monetary Research Bulletin, 2007,Issue: 2,Page: 123-137
Authors:  Anna P.I. Vong;  Antonio Pires Patricio
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The role of underwriter on the underpricing of Hong Kong IPOS Journal article
Euro Asia Journal of Management, 2000,Volume: 20,Page: 53-60
Authors:  Anna P.I. Vong
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