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Demand response for industrial micro-grid considering photovoltaic power uncertainty and battery operational cost Journal article
IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid, 2021,Volume: 12,Issue: 4
Authors:  Huang,Chao;  Zhang,Hongcai;  Song,Yonghua;  Wang,Long;  Ahmad,Tanveer;  Luo,Xiong
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Demand Response  Forecasting  Industrial Micro-grid  Manufacturing  Mixed Integer Nonlinear Programming.  Multi-energy  Optimization  Optimization Methods  Probabilistic Logic  Production  Uncertainty  
A critical review of comparative global historical energy consumption and future demand: The story told so far Journal article
Energy Reports, 2020,Volume: 6,Page: 1973-1991
Authors:  Ahmad, Tanveer;  Zhang, Dongdong
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Co2 Emissions  Comprehensive Geographical Coverage  Future Energy Requirement  Historical Energy Outlook  Multi-energy Approaches  Renewable Energy  
Experimental study on the final jump phase in long air gap discharges Journal article
Journal of Electrostatics, 2020,Volume: 106
Authors:  Shah, Wahab Ali;  He, Junjia;  Ahmad, Tanveer;  Ali, Majid
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Final Jump Phase  High-speed Photographs  Positive Switching And Lightning Impulse  Restrike Or Re-illuminations  Streamer To The Leader  
Electrification design for modern housing scheme projects Journal article
Electricity Journal, 2020,Volume: 33,Issue: 5
Authors:  Ahmad, Tanveer
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Community development  Electrification  Energy planning  Housing schemes  Project cost estimation  
Smart energy forecasting strategy with four machine learning models for climate-sensitive and non-climate sensitive conditions Journal article
Energy, 2020,Volume: 198
Authors:  Ahmad, Tanveer;  Huanxin, Chen;  Zhang, Dongdong;  Zhang, Hongcai
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Supervised Learning  Utilities And Building Consumption  Energy Forecasting  Imbalanced Data Handling  Performance Correlation  Energy Benchmark  
A review on renewable energy and electricity requirement forecasting models for smart grid and buildings Review article
Authors:  Ahmad, Tanveer;  Zhang, Hongcai;  Yan, Biao
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Renewable Energy Sources  Forecasting Models  Energy Planning  Machine Learning Models  Ensemble Models  Artificial Neural Networks  
A review on machine learning forecasting growth trends and their real-time applications in different energy systems Journal article
Sustainable Cities and Society, 2020,Volume: 54
Authors:  Ahmad, Tanveer;  Chen, Huanxin
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Forecasting  Load Demand Prediction  Machine Learning  Real-time Applications  Renewable Energy Forecasting  Supervised Models