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Use of Algorithm of Change for Optimal Fin Geometries of the Internally Micro-fin Tubes in the Turbulent Region Conference paper
IWHT2011-055, Xi’an, China, October 17-20, 2011
Authors:  H. K. Tam;  L. M. Tam;  A. J. Ghajar;  S. C. Tam;  T. Zhang
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Comparison of different correlating methods for the single-phase heat transfer data in laminar and turbulent flow regions Conference paper
ISCM II AND EPMESC XII, PTS 1 AND 2, Macau & Hong Kong, PEOPLES R CHINA, NOV 30-DEC 03, 2009
Authors:  H. K. Tam;  L. M. Tam;  A. J. Ghajar;  C. U. Lei
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Artificial Neural Networks (Ann)  Heat Transfer Correlation  Symbolic Regression  
The Effect of Inner Surface Roughness on Friction Factor in Horizontal Microtube Conference paper
2010 2nd International Conference on Mechanical and Electronics Engineering (ICMEE 2010), Kyoto, Japan, 1-3 Aug. 2010
Authors:  A. J. Ghajar;  L. M. Tam;  H. K. Tam;  Q. Wen
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Friction Factor  Micro-tubes  Surface Roughness  
RETRACTED ARTICLE: Experimental analysis of the single-phase heat transfer and friction factor inside the horizontal internally micro-fin tube Conference paper
2010 2nd International Conference on Mechanical and Electronics Engineering, Kyoto, Japan, 1-3 Aug. 2010
Authors:  H. K. Tam;  L. M. Tam;  w. w. Chu;  A. J. Ghajar
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Friction Factor  Heat Transfer  Micro-fin Tube  
Development of a heat transfer correlation for the transitional flow in a horizontal tube using Support Vector Machines Conference paper
2008 Proceedings of the ASME Summer Heat Transfer Conference, HT 2008, Jacksonville, FL, AUG 10-14, 2008
Authors:  L. M. Tam;  A. J. Ghajar;  H. K. Tam;  S. C. Tam
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Factor Analysis for Convective Heat Transfer Problem by Using the ANN Method Conference paper
Computational Methods in Engineering & Science, Sanya, Hainan, Ch, Aug. 21-23, 2006
Authors:  H. K. Tarn;  S. C. Tarn;  A. J. Ghajar;  L. M. Tam
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A simple heat transfer correlation for three inlet configurations using artificial neural network in the complex transition flow regime Conference paper
Proceedings of 2003 ASME Summer Heat Transfer Conference, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, July 21-23, 2003
Authors:  A. J. Ghajar;  L. M. Tam;  S. C. Tam
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