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因勢制譯:機構權勢操控下的話語生產 ——以澳門非典公示語為例 Journal article
翻譯季刊, 2018,Issue: 89,Page: 1-20
Authors:  潘韓婷;  張美芳
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修辞与说服——政治说辞批评分析模式探讨 Journal article
外国语言与文化, 2018,Volume: 2,Issue: 3,Page: 90-101
Authors:  张箫雨;  张美芳
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批评话语分析  政治说辞  说服  
新闻翻译中的叙事重构:以斯诺登事件为例 Journal article
译苑新谭, 2018,Issue: 1,Page: 9-18
Authors:  覃斌健;  张美芳
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叙事理论  新闻翻译  建构策略  叙事重构  
Innovation in discourse analytic approaches to translation studies Journal article
Perspectives Studies in Translation Theory and Practice, 2018,Volume: 26,Issue: 2,Page: 159-165
Authors:  Meifang Zhang;  Jeremy Munday
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後回歸時期的澳門博彩話語建構與發展 Journal article
澳門研究, 2017,Issue: 2,Page: 73-87
Authors:  潘韓婷;  張美芳
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批評話語分析  賭博  博彩  澳門  翻譯  
《知新報》的翻譯及其對中國近代化的影響 Journal article
澳門研究, 2017,Issue: 1,Page: 130-139
Authors:  羅天;  張美芳
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《知新報》  翻譯  啟蒙  維新派  近代化  澳門  
Stance and mediation in transediting news headlines as paratexts Book chapter
出自: Chinese Translation Studies in the 21 st Century: Current Trends and Emerging Perspectives, LONDON AND NEW YORK:ROUTLEDGE, 2017, 页码: 96-111
Authors:  Meifang Zhang
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后霍姆斯时期翻译研究的发展:范畴与途径 Journal article
中国翻译, 2017,Volume: 38,Issue: 3,Page: 18-24+128
Authors:  张美芳
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后霍姆斯时期  翻译研究  发展  范畴  途径  
Discourse Analysis in Translation Studies Book
Amsterdam/Philadelphia:John Benjamins Publishing Company, 2017
Authors:  Jeremy Munday;  Meifang Zhang
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Translating for a healthier gaming industry Keywords and translation in Macao's gaming discourse Journal article
Translation Spaces, 2016,Volume: 5,Issue: 2,Page: 163-180
Authors:  Hanting Pan;  Meifang Zhang
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Gaming  Corpus  Critical Discourse Analysis  Macao  Gambling  Framing  Translation Shifts  Discourse