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Effectuated Innovation Process in Entrepreneurial Firms: A Conceptual Model Book chapter
出自: Global Opportunities for Entrepreneurial Growth: Coopetition and Knowledge Dynamics within and across Firms:Emerald Publishing Limited, 2017, 页码: 11–29
Authors:  Jacky F. L. Hong;  Xi Zhao
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Small And Medium Enterprises (Smes)  Effectuation  Coopetitive Innovation  
Communication Modes, Taiwanese Book chapter
出自: The International Encyclopedia of Intercultural Communication:John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2017
Authors:  Todd L. Sandel
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Rural Chinese women's political participation: Problems and prospects Book chapter
出自: Social Issues in China: Gender, Ethnicity, Labor, and the Environment:New York: Springer, 2017, 页码: 23-44
Authors:  Ho,Chiew Siang Bryan;  Li,Qin
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Gender Prejudices  Rural Politics  State Intervention  Transaction Costs Representation And Participation  Village Elections  
Breve apontamento sobre a Lei n.º 2/2016, Medidas de protecção e medidas de coacção Book chapter
出自: Direitos da Criança e da Mulher, Macau:Centro de Estudos Jurídicos da Faculdade de Direito da Universidade de Macau, 2017, 页码: 209-223
Authors:  Teresa Lancry de Gouveia de Albuquerque e Sousa Robalo
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Novel nanoparticulate drug delivery systems for active ingredients of traditional Chinese medicine in cancer therapy Book chapter
出自: Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms and Drug Delivery, Boca Raton:CRC Press, 2017
Authors:  MW Chen;  ZP Guo
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澳门对公司诚信经营的法律规定 Book chapter
出自: 商事制度改革与企业诚信经营法制建设研究, 北京:中国民主法制出版社, 2017, 页码: 60-68
Authors:  梁静姮
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拉丁、拉丁法系与澳门法律——兼论澳门作为拉丁法系交流中心的可能性 Book chapter
出自: 全球化与澳门:澳门在亚太和拉美之间的对外平台角色:澳门基金会 社会科学文献出版社, 2017, 页码: 418-431
Authors:  唐晓晴;  梁静姮;  何张龙
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澳门刑法规定下的人口贩卖 - 贩卖妇女从事卖淫、组织和操纵卖淫活动 Book chapter
出自: 全球化與澳门:澳门在亚太和拉美之间的对外平台角色/ GLOBALIZATION AND MACAU: MACAU’S EXTERNAL ROLE BETWEEN ASIA PACIFIC AND LATIN AMERICA:澳门基金会/社会科学文献出版社, 2017, 页码: 505-543
Authors:  特蕾莎 • 阿布盖尔格 - 索萨;  刘稼(译)
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繁體漢字難學否?——從三多三難談起 Book chapter
出自: 單周堯教授七秩壽慶論文集, 台北:萬卷樓, 2017, 页码: 425-438
Authors:  老志鈞
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Product Liability in Macao Book chapter
出自: Product Liability: Fundamental Questions in a Comparative Perspective, Berlin/Boston:De Gruyter, Inc., 2017, 页码: 97-119
Authors:  Tong Io Cheng;  Leong Cheng Hang
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