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Tradition in Whole Number Arithmetic Book chapter
出自: New ICMI Study Series, 2018, 页码: 343-373
Authors:  Arzarello,Ferdinando;  Azrou,Nadia;  Bartolini Bussi,Maria G.;  de Lora Sued,Sarah Inés González;  Sun,Xu Hua;  Siu,Man Keung
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Language and Cultural Issues in the Teaching and Learning of WNA Book chapter
出自: New ICMI Study Series, 2018, 页码: 35-70
Authors:  Sun,Xu Hua;  Bartolini Bussi,Maria G.
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How to Teach and Assess Whole Number Arithmetic: Some International Perspectives Book chapter
出自: New ICMI Study Series:Springer, 2018, 页码: 251-286
Authors:  Jarmila Novotná;  Berinderjeet Kaur;  Ann Gervasoni;  Mike Askew;  Michiel Veldhuis;  Catherine Pearn;  Xu Hua Sun
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Professional Development Models for Whole Number Arithmetic in Primary Mathematics Teacher Education: A Cross-Cultural Overview Book chapter
出自: New ICMI Study Series, 2018, 页码: 399-435
Authors:  Novotná,Jarmila;  Bartolini Bussi,Maria G.;  Beckmann,Sybilla;  Inprasitha,Maitree;  Kaur,Berinderjeet;  Sun,Xu Hua;  Venkat,Hamsa;  Askew,Mike
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