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Quasi-Static Field Modeling of Human Limb for Intra-Body Communication Conference paper
IFMBE Proceedings, Munich, GERMANY, SEP 07-12, 2009
Authors:  S. H. Pun;  Y. M. Gao;  P. U. Mak;  M. Du;  M. I. Vai
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Galvanic Coupling  Intra-body Communication  Maxwell Equations  Telemedicine System  Wearable Sensors Implantable Devices  
Quasi-static field modeling of human limb for intra-body communication Conference paper
IFMBE Proceedings
Authors:  Pun,Sio Hang;  Gao,Y. M.;  Mak,P. U.;  Du,M.;  Vai,M. I.
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Galvanic coupling  Intra-body communication  Maxwell equations  Telemedicine system  Wearable sensors implantable devices