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Analysis of the Chinese -- Portuguese Machine Translation of Chinese Localizers Qian and Hou Conference paper
Machine Translation, Macau, China, November 4–6, 2014
Authors:  Chunhui Lu;  Ana Leal;  Paulo Quaresma;  Márcia Schmaltz
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Machine Translation  Bleu  Chinese  Portuguese  Chinese Localizer  
TransWiki: Supporting Translation Teaching Conference paper
Information and Communication Technology, Yogyakarta, Indonesia, 2013
Authors:  Robert P. Biuk-Aghai;  Hari Venkatesan
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Wiki  Translation  Collaborative Learning  
From syntactical analysis to textual segmentation Conference paper
Computational Processing of the Portuguese Language, Itatiaia, Brazil, May 13-17, 2006
Authors:  Ana Luisa Leal;  Paulo Quaresma;  Rove Chishman
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