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Evaluation of the screening power of Cognitive Abilities Screening Instrument for probable Alzheimer's disease using voxel-based morphometry Journal article
Clinical Imaging, 2012,Volume: 36,Issue: 1,Page: 46-53
Authors:  Mok G.S.P.;  Wu Y.-Y.;  Lu K.-M.;  Wu J.;  Chen L.-K.;  Wu T.-H.
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Alzheimer's Disease  Cognitive Abilities Screening Instrument  Voxel-based Morphometry  
Potential Dose Reduction of Optimal ECG-controlled Tube Current Modulation for 256-Slice CT Coronary Angiography Journal article
Academic Radiology, 2011,Volume: 18,Issue: 6,Page: 731-737
Authors:  Yang C.-C.;  Mok G.S.P.;  Law W.-Y.;  Hsu S.-M.;  Wu T.-H.;  Chen L.-K.
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Coronary 256-slice Ct  Ct Coronary Angiography  Ecg-controlled Tube Current Modulation  Radiation Dose  
Emotional incontinence and executive function in ischemic stroke: A case-controlled study Journal article
Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society, 2009,Volume: 15,Issue: 1,Page: 62-68
Authors:  Tang W.K.;  Chen Y.;  Lam W.W.M.;  Mok V.;  Wong A.;  Ungvari G.S.;  Xiang Y.T.;  Wong K.S.
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Affective symptoms  Cerebrovascular disorders  Crying  Depression  Emotions  Neuropsychology  
Quantitative Dynamic SPECT/CT Imaging of Atherosclerotic Plaques in ApoE-/- Mice Meeting Abstract
Authors:  Tsui BMW.;  Wang Y.;  Yu J.;  Mok GSP.;  Nimmagadda S.;  Bedja D.;  Gabrielson K.;  Bengel;  and Pomper M.
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A longitudinal study of atherosclerotic plaques in ApoE-/- mice using quantitative Tc-99m Annexin-V pinhole SPECT/CT Meeting Abstract
Authors:  Tsuji, B;  Mok, G;  Wang, YC;  Yu, JH;  Nimmagadda, S;  Bedja, D;  Gabrielson, K;  Bengel, F;  Pomper, M
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